Project Patchwork, Inc.

Project Patchwork, Inc. is a Florida non-profit licensed adoption agency (#100053764), that serves all families and parents considering their options through personalized and confidential services. 

Adoption is an option!

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Each of you who reads this may be at a different place in your decision regarding the pregnancy or adoption.  You may know this is the best decision for you and your baby or you may need someone to talk to about your options.  Wherever you are, we are here to help you with information and support.

We are committed to providing you with a non-judgmental and compassionate space to get your questions answered, receive counseling about those issues that might be confusing for you, coordinate prenatal and hospital services and to assist you in finding a family who you choose, if you decide adoption is best for you.  

You have other options besides adoption. Our first commitment to you is to help you look at these options and find what fits best for you. Depending on what option you choose, we will, at the very least, help you identify what community resources you need to have a healthy pregnancy. We can refer you to crisis pregnancy centers, the Health Department or other social service agencies, mental health and family counseling centers, and family planning clinics. If you ultimately decide to choose an adoption plan, we can help you place your child for adoption. 

If you choose an adoption plan, we know that you are placing the needs of your child above all else and that this is a courageous and generous choice. We will be your partner and advocate in this adoption process so that you can fully participate in the process. The social and medical information you provide for your baby will assure that s/he has important knowledge about you that could be helpful in the future. You will have the opportunity to select the adoptive family from letters and photos and eventually meet them if you are interested in doing so. Project Patchwork will screen each family, complete a home study and provide training and education for the adoptive families so that you can know they are well prepared to be parents.

You will not only have emotional assistance through the process, you may also receive financial assistance for items such as medical expenses, transportation, rent, utilities, groceries in accordance with what the law allows. An assessment of your medical and living needs will assist us to determine what can be provided.

Project Patchwork believes that all adoptions should be at least semi-open so that you can receive information regarding the baby and the child has the freedom to know they are adopted and to know who their birth family is. You can help create the final open adoption agreement with the adoptive family. However, we also realize that there may be situations where you decide for yourself that you want the adoption to be more private and only have non-identifying information shared with the prospective adoptive family.

The physical wellbeing of you and your baby has to be your priority now and we can assist you to make sure you both have some health coverage at this time. If you need any assistance with medical issues, please talk to us right away.

Thank you for opening up to us and letting us assist you on this pregnancy journey. We look forward to talking with you soon and hope that you will find this information helpful. Please feel free to call us when you are ready to meet and we can answer all of your questions. You can reach us Toll Free at 877-567-OPTIONS (6784) or (727) 824-0863 or